The Perfect Mansion Lifestyle Awaits You!

October 15, 2017

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Since 1995, a large number of fulfilled clients of GAURSONS and splendor in all their structural activities have given the group the achievement it deserves. As the years progressed, clients have demonstrated their confidence and support in all the land attempts of the GAURSONS.

GAURSONS India Pvt. Ltd. remains for “The equivalent word of trust in realty”. With various projects like Gaur City, Gaur Cascades, Green Avenue, Gaur Heights, Gaur Ganga, Gaur Homes Elegante, Gaur Grandeur and Gaur Gracious, Gaursons has investigated every possibility in giving the best deals to their purchasers. The organization’s most recent projects “Gaur Mulberry Mansions” and “Gaur Saundaryam” in Noida Extension are synonyms of extravagance living.

Gaur Mulberry mansions, spread over 250 acres of luxury property, is an exclusive luxury mansion in Greater Noida West. The first ever luxurious mansion in the country with more than 2 Acres of land for each mansion is a major luxury goal for sure! Situated in heart of NCR yet being curtailed from the hum-drum of the city Mulberry is a destination of seer luxury and retreat.

The serene ambience and Spanish architecture comes to you with a blend of perfection at Gaur Mulberry mansions. Starting from the royal decor to the exquisite artifacts, everything in Gaur Mulberry Mansion will take your breath away and at the same time the space that you experience would be a sweet memory for a lifetime. At Mulberry, time stops while the rest of the luxury entices you with its luxurious best.

Life past the edge of your mansion is no less welcoming. The tree lined streets are wide, extending around the 90 families in 250 Acres. The parks are delightfully finished enticing each bystander to absorb the perfect environs. The shades of the trees, the scent of blooming verdure and the unadulterated air, all signify make Gaur Mulberry Mansions Greater Noida West, the address of delight.

The recollections of the lovely time you will go through there will remain with you until the end of time. Grill your most loved delicacy or rock at the Disco or watch a motion picture with your friends and family in your lavish individual motion picture theater. Your own universe of extravagance is here at Mulberry. The tinkling chuckling of your friends and family in the show with delicate music streaming all finished will relieve a focused on nerve without a doubt. The smell of good nourishment is conveyed far on the wings of the night breeze. There is exhilaration all around at Mulberry mansion and every one of the extravagances of a top notch inn is ideal here.

The locality chosen for Mulberry is one of the most secured places for a mansion like this. It is just 30 minutes drive away from Delhi in terms of connectivity.

Round the clock security is an assuring factor and not to mention that the whole property is a gated complex. Life is not only extraordinarily luxurious here but secure as well. So, make your next cup of tea, a memory to reminisce at Gaur Mulberry mansion, where luxury is in the air.